our company

who we are

ANBATAT is a European company with Headquarter office located and registered in VIGO, Galicia, Spain. established in 2019 with a well experienced management and staff.

Our vision

Arab countries with underdevelopment economies and resources has always been a mixed, welcoming, tolerant and open area. Open to trade and commerce, as well as other people and cultures. Europe with a long industrial, commercial and tourism tradition, the most powerful economic engines in the World, Europe is also one of the most dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystems, especially in new technologies, life sciences and is a hub for innovation and culture.

All of the business, cultural and leisure opportunities combined with the local lifestyle make Europe and the Arab world.

ANBATAT will attempt to play the role of Commercial Intermediator of Europe companies and businessmen in the Arab countries and of the Arab countries’ companies’ businessmen’s in Europe

Our mission

ANBATAT has effective channels in the ARAB WORLD to market the EUROPEAN products, Real estate’s opportunities and services, especially in the Arab Gulf countries.

On the other hand, ANBATAT has the good business relations and contacts with European factories and companies to provide the ARAB BUSINESS MEN with the best European products, machinery, real estate opportunities and tourism services.

Our highly trained team continuously seeking to provide up-to-date information and support materials especially in Business relations, Real estate investment’s opportunities, Tourism services and Even Cultural relations from both the EUROPEAN and the ARAB WORLD.

We are always looking to build a LONG, TRUSTABLE BUSINESS RELATION with our clients and suppliers.


  • Commercial intermediary
  • Commercial agents
  • Business to business services
  • Real estate Consultations
  • Real estate Investments
  • Tourist information center
  • Halal tourism.
  • Business networking company
  •  Cultural / Educational relations